Preced is an organization specializing in providing People and organizational development services. Our services span across all the key people development components to deliver value to the organization through developing it’s Intellectual Capital as well as assisting individuals to excel in their career and personal life. We believe this is an ongoing and ever evolving process and we work closely with you to ensure the achievement of both your organizational and personal goals.

With many years of experience Preced provides our clients with well proven and continuously enhanced programs that provide a powerful platform for customized enhancement to meet every organization specific needs to develop and evolve.

The services of Preced are broadly classified in to 5 areas Organizational development, Leadership development, Management development, Personal development and Customer engagement. Each of these areas consists of topics and activities that could assure a definite result .

The founder of Preced, Monica Cederstrad started the organization with her years of experience and successful of execution of projects in the area of organization and personal development. Since 1993, Monica has been working within this areas with a passion for learn ing, education, developing people and organizations .

Monica has worked for many years with the integration of immigrants in the Swedish society and the labor market. See Preced on Arbetsförmedlingen
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